3 Ways An Early Morning Wedding Can Save You Tons Of Money

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Wedding ceremonies tend to be afternoon affairs that lead to receptions that stretch on into the night. But holding your wedding during the typical hours also means you pay top prices for the sites and services. Want an unconventional wedding that will also save you a ton of money?

Here are three ways an early-morning wedding cold work for you.

Site Rental Fees

Your ceremony and reception site charge the most for the wedding time slots that are popular. Early morning weddings are far less popular than the afternoon and evening. The price could fall even lower if you have the wedding on a weekday morning.

There are some wrinkles in the details, however. Not every site allows for early morning weddings because the space is needed to either cleanup from the previous night's event or to setup for an afternoon wedding. Consult with your prospective wedding venues to see if morning weddings are an option and what kind of discounts are available.

Guest List Trimming

Do you and your spouse-to-be both come from large families that threaten to swell the guest list to 500? You can save money and automatically cut that list down by holding a morning wedding during the week.

Having it at an inconvenient time might seem rude, but this offers you the perfect chance to only include your nearest and dearest on the list. If a distant cousin asks why they didn't get an invite, you can always say that you didn't want them to have to miss work.

Trimming down the guest list will save big when it comes to brunch time as most wedding catering companies charge per guest.

Brunch Catering

Evening receptions offer fancy plates of steak or lobster or a buffet full of entree choices. For an early-morning wedding, you can get creative with some popular and affordable breakfast foods.

Your brunch bar can include savory dishes like quiche, Eggs Benedict or meat-filled omelets. But the stars of the show will likely be the sweet favorites like pancakes, waffles and French toast. If your site allows you to bring in food, you can even setup a cereal bar so that guests can munch on their favorite flavor.

Having an early wedding also means you can skip the open bar, which can end up costing more than the actual food budget. Feel free to still include a champagne toast, but you can sub in the champagne with mimosas or another brunch-friendly alternative.