3 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Have Your Business Meetings Catered

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When someone hears the words "business meeting," they often do not get excited, but when you say "there will be food," everything changes. As much as kids are motivated to do their chores by the promise of a cookie, adults are motivated to attend their business meeting if they know they will be served some great food. If you are the one conducting the business meeting, a great way to get delicious food to the meeting is to have it catered. You can also hold it during lunch time when your employees are extra hungry, and very motivated to attend. This article will discuss 3 excellent reasons why you should have your business meetings catered. 

1. It Requires Very Little Time and Energy On Your Part

You may think that you don't have time to deal with feeding all of your employees because you are too busy trying to plan the meeting, but catering basically requires no effort on your part. All that you have to do is call the catering company and tell them what you want served, and where and when you need it. Picking out the food to have served is the fun part anyway, so you should honestly enjoy calling them and placing your order. They will bring the food hot and fresh to the location that you asked, and will serve it to you and your employees during the business meeting. 

2. The Food Will Encourage People To Come

If any of your employees were thinking about trying to find a way out of the business meeting, they no longer will. All you will need to do is send out a memo saying what types of food will be served at the meeting, and your employees will be salivating in anticipation. 

3. Food Creates A Better Atmosphere During Meetings

Since your employees will be full and content, rather than hungry, they will likely be in a better mood and will be more apt to engage in the conversation and give their ideas during the meeting. They will also likely be happy because their food was brought to them, and they didn't even have to get up to dish it up themselves. They can also get seconds if they would like, and their plates will be cleared for them when they are done. You can even have dessert offered if you want to improve the atmosphere during the meeting even more.

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