Learn How To Throw A Great Celebration Party For Your Weight Loss Group

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If you are part of a weight-loss group that has met your goals for the year and wants to celebrate, consider having a party with a DJ and catered food. Since the people attending the party will have food issues, it is important to select the right foods to serve to everyone. The following guide walks you through a few things to consider when choosing the food that you will have served at the party.

Sodium Content

You want to serve foods that have a low sodium content to your guests. Sodium can cause the body to retain water, which can cause people to see a higher number when they step on the scale. You want to make sure that everyone is motivated to continue on their weight loss journey and seeing the numbers on the scale jump overnight could deter some people.

Sugar Content

Eating foods that have sugar added to them can cause numerous health issues. Obesity, heart problems, and issues with cholesterol can all be caused by the intake of too many added sugars throughout the day. Foods can be sweetened naturally through the use of different fruits, such as bananas and apples. This allows guests to still get the sweet treat they want at the end of the meal, without eating more calories than absolutely necessary.

Carbohydrate Content

You want to choose foods that are low in carbohydrates because eating a lower carbohydrate diet can help the body burn more stored fat to help increase the amount of weight that is lost. Replacing foods with high carbohydrates with lower carbohydrate foods, such as swapping bread with lettuce wraps can decrease the amount of carbs a person takes in.

Limit Alcohol

Many of the fruity drinks that people enjoy drinking have a lot of sugar in them and the beers contain a lot of carbohydrates. If you want to have cocktails at the party, have a large batch made using natural fruit juices for everyone to enjoy.

Once you have taken all of these things into consideration, you and the catering company can work together to create a menu for the party that will be packed with flavor, low in calories, and inviting for guests to eat. You do not want anyone to leave the party feeling deprived, but feeding them great food does not mean you have to provide a meal that is loaded with empty calories or a dish of tasteless vegetables.